Targeted Marketing Services

Target market researchThis area of activity from Agilitus is intended for commercial and marketing data analysis and consulting. The company specializes in the area of loyalty systems’ data analysis and provides targeted marketing services.

The technological base and professional experience of Agilitus allows for fast processing of commercial and marketing data accumulated by the customer.  They can also analyze information about the customers, their purchase frequency, scope, nature of products purchased, quantities, and also link it with the marketing, promotional and price campaigns performed by the company or its competitors.  The analysis provides detailed conclusions and recommendations for increasing customer loyalty, sales promotion, assortment formation, and organizing of commercial activity.

By using the conclusions of customer data analysis, it is possible to identify a number of problems and develop the necessary solutions.  Adjustments can be made to change the assortment policy, develop the desired image, organize efficient marketing campaigns, achieve higher sales turnover, and increase customer loyalty – accomplishing the aforementioned objectives contributes to strengthening the company’s competitive position in the market.